Welcome to India Palace – Best Indian Restaurant in Las Vegas

Over 16 years ago, Surjit Heera, Restauranteur and Founder of India Palace, brought new life to Las Vegas when he opened the doors of India Palace.  Located close to the the Las Vegas strip, local residents and tourists alike, have the opportunity to experience an amazing culinary journey within a tantalizing new atmosphere. India Palace presents authentic north & south Indian vegetarian cuisine in a contemporary environment that has generated a loyal following, including many Indian nationals and ex-patriots who love North and South Indian culinary specialties. Visit us at our restaurant and “Get Treated Like Royalty”.

A popular attraction is the daily all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, which includes traditional dishes such as tandoori chicken, lamb kabob, goat curry, Basmati rice and vegetarian items such as aloo sagg (spinach and potatoes), aloo gobi (fresh cauliflower) and lentil soup. From the menu, house favorites include seekh kabob (minced lamb broiled on skewers), lamb sagwala (lamb cooked in spinach and herbs), chicken curry, fish tandoori (marinated fish broiled over Mesquite in a tandoor) and baingan bhartha (baked eggplant with herbs and spices).