All Litex Appliances – Bulbs, Lamps, Fans and More

The Litex lighting industry has emerged as one of the revolutionary companies in electric appliances related to lighting. Litex products include a huge variety of lamps, bulbs, and manufacture parts and complete ceiling fans for other huge brands. Its collection features LED lights with several variants, tracking lights that move around with you, Flex-strip lights, outdoor lights, spotlights, and a lot more.

Some of the most innovative technicians design their lights because their catalog consists of some eye-catching lighting. Even though the company is not even a decade old, it has been giving a surprisingly tough competition to its competitors. It claims to bring to its customers’ styles of lamps and designs of the lighting that will best suit their liking and enhance their space and give it an overall better look. 

Best Litex Products – Small & Major Appliances

Main Litex industries products like lamps, bulbs, fans and others listed below. Also, some best models of each product mentioned based on the ratings and reviews.


Litex has a large range of lamps to choose from. It offers variants in terms of style, design, and patterns. Among many, it has CDMT lamps attached to the walls and is usually used to focus light to a point right below it. The COB downlights can be fixed into the ceiling, and unlike CDMT, it does not illuminate only a certain small area but the whole space. Fancy lights are those lamps that are mostly used by people as accessories.

As their name suggests, they are fancier than most other lamps from Litex, and their designs focus on enhancing the ambiance of a space. A lot of their fancy lamps styled around the concept of hanging lights and chandeliers, to assist with saving up walking space in the rooms. Some of their best lamps are Industrial infrared lamps, laser pump lamps, and studio television lamps.


Amongst bulbs, they have several variants again. Since the market for LED lights is currently huge, they have a lot of bulb lightings that are LED in nature but have a wide range of designs, patterns, and styles to suit the customer’s liking. They have LED halogen lights, mostly used to light up huge open spaces like stadiums or playgrounds.

The next kind of bulb lighting is their LED light panel, which looks at a flat screen in your ceiling that offers light; mostly used in office settings and has a chic design. The light strips are a long strip of LED bulbs that can dimly light space and are mostly used as bedroom decor. They have a whole separate range of outdoor lighting and spotlights that offer the exact use their names suggest. Some of their best products are incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and LED bulb length strips.


While Litex may not have a complete ceiling fan range of its own or its designs for this product, it has a few. It manufactures a lot of ceiling fan parts used by some major brands in the industry. Litex even does the manufacturing and assembling for some of these brands. It has ceiling fans with four to six blades and some of the most suitable designs for any household. 

Not only, Litex appliances, the company also known as the manufacturer of amazing Harbor breeze ceiling fan. Now Harbor breeze is a large scale brand and has been in the industry for quite a while. Harbor Breeze fans are premium quality and often very long-lasting since manufactured under expert surveillance. It makes the manufacturer that is Litex, a credible source of ceiling fans and other lighting accessories and products. Some of their best fans are the six-blade manor ceiling fans, four-blade regular ceiling fan, and Litex celeste collection ceiling fans.


Litex is in comparison to its competitors, a fairly new company that has gained a name in the industry very quickly. Deservingly so, the customer base likes buying its products because of the good quality, exclusive designs, and new styles of light bulbs, lamps, and ceiling fans that the company’s catalog has for them. They always have something that will suit your taste, or best fit your lighting needs.

Litex products include a wide range of lamps and bulbs with all sorts of designs to enhance the customer’s space or rooms. Their ceiling fans also come in a good range and assist all kinds of ventilation needs since their number of blades are flexible. They are also the manufacturers for the harbor breeze ceiling fans, a big brand in the ceiling fans industry.

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