Best Breville Appliances – Toasters, Food Processors and Many More

Breville is an old name in the kitchens appliances industry. It is an Australian brand that manufactures and supplies kitchen appliances across the world. It was founded in 1932 by two gentlemen who combined their surnames to come with the name Breville. In the very beginning, the company manufactured radio, but it stepped into the kitchen appliances industry sometime in the 1960s and hasn’t looked back since then.

The firm has grown multiple folds, from its products being used only in Australia to all across the world. It also manufactures and markets products for a few other brands like Kambrook, Ronson, Solis, Sage, etc. On its website, it lists several products. Those best Breville appliances include espresso machines, ovens, coffee machines and coffee makers, electric kettles, waffle makers, Bread makers, Toasters, Microwaves, ice cream makers, and other cookware as well. The brand’s motto is to improve people’s lifestyles by providing them with the best designs and styles in their kitchen that will make their tasks easy and suit their design tastes. 

Breville Products – Wide Range of Kitchen Appliances

Is Breville good brand? Yes, based on the customer reviews and the range of products it offer, it stood as the best brand in Kitchen Appliances industry. Let’s see those best Breville kitchen appliances below.

Espresso Machine

Breville’s website lists a huge variety of Espresso machines that range from premium high priced Espresso machines to lower-range ones. They are designed to work finely, from grounding the coffee beans to the making of the coffee. It focuses on optimal temperatures, right water pressure, and the perfect foam milk to be generated. Some of their best Espresso machines are the Oracle Touch, the Oracle, and the Dual Boiler. 

Toaster Ovens

Second good product in this list of best Breville small appliances, is Toaster oven. Breville toasters are perfectly designed to cater to all sorts of toasting needs of the user. You can toast all sizes of bread in this toaster. It produces a perfect crispbread toast that you want. You can obtain optimum toasting using their very simple features like “A bit more” and “Lift and look ” when you are not sure whether it’s ready yet. It produces both countertop and under cabinet toaster oven. Best of their toaster ovens have to be Smart oven pizzaiolo, Smart oven Air, and Smart oven Air Fryer.

Food Processors

The food processors are designed to offer the most precise and varied processes that the user might want to do to their food. They offer slice, chopping, shredding, and even kneading the bread. It has a high impact plastic base and a stainless steel spindle. The whole appliance has a warranty of one year whereas the motor inside it comes with a ten-year warranty. Some of their best food processors are Sous chef 16, Sous chef 16 pros, and sous chef 12 plus.


One of their popular products is their countertop microwave ovens. Their brand new range is a three-in-one microwave. It carries out the functions of a convection oven, a microwave, and an air fryer. Amazing features like Sensor IQ, one-touch smart presets, and automatic power adjusting technologies are offered. The best of their microwaves are Smooth wave, compact wave, and combi wave 3-in-1.


They offer a range of blenders for their customers. Their blenders are innovative and have one-touch technology. They have a chic design, high power motors, and noise suppression technology as well. The blenders are equipped with technologies that offer a smoother and softer texture to your smoothies. Some of their best blenders are the super Q, the Q, and the fresh & furious.


Some foods cook well under pressure, and others do better over time. Thus Breville’s cookers are very versatile in their cooking styles. Each of them has multifunction settings for the user’s benefit. Their best cookers are the fast, slow pro, the steam zone, and the one-degree precision poacher.

Waffle Makers

Here comes the last product in the this best Breville appliances list. The waffle makers can be used for breakfast and brunch dishes. They offer LCD screens for you to make the perfect waffle. They use premium materials that do not allow the batter to stick to the maker. Their best products are The smart waffle pro 4 slices, 2 slices, and the smart waffle 2 slices.


Who owns Breville appliances?

Breville Group Ltd is the parent company of Breville appliances.

Where are Breville appliances manufactured?

All the Breville appliances are assembled and manufactured in China. But, before that they are designed and engineered in Australia.


Breville is a renowned brand that has been an industry giant for decades now. It offers a multitude of kitchen appliances to its customers, which makes their life fairly easy. Besides comfort and reduced manual tasks, Breville product line also gives the kitchen a modular design and style that suits the buyer’s liking. They have variants for all their products that can fit your budget, taste, and requirements. Apart from the design and price ranges, the company also focuses on using new technologies. These features have made Breville a go-to brand for customers all across the world.

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